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Aaron Gold Found Floating Lifeless At Giant Cloudbreak

Photo: WSL

Hawaiian big wave dignitary Aaron Gold was found face-down and unconscious at Cloudbreak early this morning, after taking a fall on one of the first waves of the day. Gold wasn’t breathing when ski driver Uri Kurop pulled him onto the sled, and Mark Healey was pumping on his chest and blowing air into him for around a minute before he showed signs of life.

Hawaiifrican Benji Brand (@benjibrand) reports:

“Live from Fiji – my brother @therealaarongold had a heavy wipeout this morning at cloudbreak, got a two wave hold down, and then blacked out unconcious [sic] underwater for 2 mins. Currently in the hospital checking the amount of water in his lungs. He wouldn’t be alive without @ukfiji grabbing him with the ski or @healeywaterops resuscitating him. God bless you guys. Thank you Lord for being with Aaron. Please keep praying.”

Photo: WSL

“According to witnesses,” reads the WSL press release, “the Hawaiian began breathing again after about one minute of chest compressions, but remained unconscious as they began the trip back to the island. Then, halfway back to the island resort from the offshore reef Gold regained consciousness.

“Back on the island he was given oxygen, and within an hour Gold, while sore and humbled, was smiling at his good fortune. It was a tense moment for all on hand, and the lineup cleared as a result. Gold was eventually transported to a hospital for precautionary reasons. Shortly afterward Gold’s friends, much relieved, were back in the lineup.”

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