The Inertia

Adriano Just Won His First World Title; Keeps the Trophy in Brazil

Adriano de Souza, your 2015 world champion! Photo: WSL / Laurent Masurel

The Inertia

It doesn’t get more intense than that, folks—a nail-biting ending to 2015. After 10 long years of grinding on the World Tour, Adriano finally reached the pinnacle of achievements in professional surfing by defeating Mason Ho in the Semifinal to be crowned the 2015 world champion. Adriano is the second Brazilian in the history of professional surfing to win a CT world title.

In his post-heat interview, the elated de Souza paid homage to Ricardo dos Santos, Mick Fanning, and Jamie O’Brien for their love and support through his long, arduous road to a world title.

“It’s an incredible feeling,” said de Souza. “They say strength balance, and love–that’s all I need this year to win this world title. The day of my life has arrived. In my memory all the time, I think Gabriel give me the world title trophy. We have a final together. I need to have a break and a red bull and get back out there again. When I lost in Portugal I was so sad inside. I lost to myself. I want to dedicate this world title to my brother. I’m on the top of the world.”

Stay tuned for the final heat, when de Souza goes up against former world champion and fellow compatriot, Gabriel Medina. More to come on this soon.

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