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Best of the Best: These are the 10 Most Trafficked Stories on The Inertia (Thus Far)

Top 10 since 2010.

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From breaking news to viral videos to thoughtful compositions from our community of amazing contributors, we’ve made it our mission to deliver the most earnest, engaging, informative, and inspiring surf-related content on the web. They’ve made us laugh, they’ve made us cry. They’ve opened our hearts and minds and sparked healthy conversations about the things that demand our attention. In honor of The Inertia’s five-year anniversary, we thought it’d be a fun idea to bring you ten of our most trafficked posts since our inception.

1. What Really Happened at the US Open of Surfing

The Inertia’s Juice Whale scopes the scene and gets a few interviews from the attendees of arguably the biggest surfing contest in the world. The result: a clear and honest portrait of what actually happens on the sand at Huntington Beach during the US Open of Surfing.

2. It’s Candide Thovex’s World and We’re Just Living In It

Surfer or not, Frenchman Candide Thovex produced one of the most visually stimulating pieces ever to grace the Internet. This awesome first-person POV puts you in the font seat of an uber-creative ski line. It’s pure genius.

3. This is a Horror Movie About The Right

The Right represents the elements of nature that should be off limits to all humans. It’s where even the most brazen of surfers should draw the line. But they don’t. Instead, a group of insane surfers from Australia defy every notion of mortality by riding the scariest mutant death-slab on the planet. Surfer or not, this wave is admired by all for nature’s omnipotence.

4. The World’s 10 Deadliest Shark Attack Beaches

Not the scene you'd ever wish for. A 3-meter great white shark tails a surfer at West Beach near Esperance in Western Australia. Photo: Frits De Bruyn

Not-so-friendly local chasing a tourist in the waters of Western Australia. Photo: Frits De Bruyn

Supplemented with statistics, this article breaks down the beaches where you’re most likely to be attacked and killed by a shark. You know everyone is going to read this to see where NOT to surf. The article also opened a healthy discussion on the problem with culling and the importance of conservation.

5. Robbie Maddison Just Rode a Dirt Bike at Teahupo’o

Two words: visually shocking. A dirt bike on water? What the…? How the…? These question alone left everyone with no other choice than to watch. Plus, he did it at a place that is known for massive waves. However, skis placed on the bottom of his bike for buoyancy were the subject of controversy, as many wrote off his stunt as nothing more than a guy riding a jet ski.

6. Six-Year-Old Surfer Girl Shreds Harder Than You

Quincy Symonds is the cutest thing you ever did see. Nicknamed the Flying Squirrel, Quincy has a remarkable story. Born with complications that had her in intensive care units and still has her steroid-dependent, Quincy fights her disease with a permanent smile and is one of the best surfing groms in the world.

7. Kelly Slater Just Did the Most Ridiculous Maneuver You’ve Ever Seen in Competition

During the 2015 Hurley Pro at Trestles, Slater blasted a backside air and landed prone, but some how recovered and finished the wave with a few turns. The judges awarded Kelly with a 4.17, which spawned riots in the comment sections across every surf media platform. Some said it was justified while others argued he was severely underscored. For many, this event was a prime example of the inconsistency of judges, as others argued the need to rewrite the rulebook.

8. 10 Most Influential Surfers of All Time

The Duke, Waikiki, around 1912. Photo: State Library of Queensland

The Duke, Waikiki, around 1912. Photo: State Library of Queensland

The list includes the usual suspects, along with a few surprises. The Inertia’s Alex Haro talks about the legends of the sport whose presence changed surfing forever. Other influencers, particularly Hollywood interpretations, are argued to have a profound impact as well.

9. Laird Hamilton Shoots Malibu Pier on Massive Wave

One of the best hurricanes in living memory + Laird Hamilton = traffic. Those who felt her wonderful wrath will forever remember Hurricane Marie. One of the best spots along the West Coast of the Americas was Malibu, where Laird (of all people) caught an absolute bomb from Second Point, rode it a few hundred yards, and shot the pier. The live crowd and Internet erupted.

10. Mick Fanning Was NOT Attacked by a Shark

Shark attack! Kelly Slater! Mick Fanning! Hugging! Television gold!

Slater embracing Fanning after the traumatic incident. Photo: WSL

Perhaps the biggest news in surfing history was Mick’s run-in with a great white in South Africa, not to mention it was all capture of film. Consequently, the video reached far and wide, as it transcended the surfing community and made it to nearly every news publication across the globe. So, as you can imagine, when a contributor argued the attack was not an attack at, and that it was an “encounter,” a heated debate ensued.

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