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The Blind Monk Hero

Cicerone Selected Craft Brews | South Florida

Meet The Blind Monk cicerone, Jason Hunt. Jason moved to South Florida in 2006 and has quickly become a prominent figure in the South Florida beer scene and hospitality community. He studied brewing and…

Connect with Carioca Culture

Connect to Carioca Culture | Oi Rio Pro

It’s not uncommon to find locals doing business near the beach, suits and bikinis are customary clad for the Carioca. Rio has a fabulous appeal because it embodies the perfect blend of city and beach…

vai medina

Gabriel Medina Makes History | North Shore

Brazilian Storm If you are a surfer, you have to experience at least one Pipe Masters event in your lifetime or at minimum visit the North Shore during the winter. Your experiences will move you and give…

canary islands.surfline

A Journey to the Canary Islands

Seeing this epic photo of Tenerife reminded me of my visit there with my high school girlfriend. Wow; the Canary Islands are spectacular. We visited a cave with a subterranean lake filled with bioluminescence. Some…


Frames from Mexico with Jeremy Johnston

Explore Mexico surf through the lens of surf photographer Gunner Hughes as he travels with Flomotion team rider Jeremy Johnston of @nsbnlet and fellow Florida surfer and skim board hellman Brad Domke. “I’ve been…


Quiksilver Pro France Photo Journal

A Surfr’s Journey to the QuikPro France Surfr takes you on a photo journey through Hossegor, Capberton and Biarritz on a one-of-a-kind adventure gaining local knowledge, connecting with people and exploring the towns.…


A Moment in Mexico with Jay Adams

As I sit here with my arms elevated just enough to stroke the keys of the keyboard. I feel a slight pain both in my shoulder and in my heart. One that will linger…

colombia palermo

3 Things to Do When Traveling to Bogota

If you find yourself traveling to Bogota the capital of Colombia, a major hub in South America, you might want to consider staying a few nights.  Although, it isn’t a surf destination the city…