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Discover Kevin Butler | Surf Art

Once you’re hooked on surfing, your lifestyle changes and there’s simply no going back. Everything in your life will be a function of how to get to the beach and score some good waves. One…

the great ocean road

Explore the Land Down Under | Australia

Immerse yourself in Aussie culture, discover the roads less traveled and explore Australia with the Gudauskas brothers as they take you on a cinematic journey through the land down under.…

temple of enthusiasm

Temple of Enthusiasm | Canggu Bali

Deus makes motorcycles. Stripped down and rebuilt. Customized for your life and revved up for everything else. Deus makes four gears and loose throttles. Wind in your hair and thunder in your guts. Full…

Boteco DOC Rio

Best No Frills Eatery in Rio | Brazil

The Boteco D.O.C. menu, presented on boards, offers delights such as the trio of mini burger with onion caramelized in balsamic vinegar and melted cheddar (R$19), savory pastries stuffed with cheese, onion confit and…

Caipiroska Brazilian Cocktail

Order a Caipiroska Cocktail | Rio

This strangely popular Brazilian cocktail is another variation of the Caipirinha except cachaca is substituted by vodka, creating a less earthy flavor. Also known as Caipivodka and Caipirodka, this drink has grown in popularity in recent…


Hike Canoa Quebrada Dunes | Brazil

A sleepy beach town by day, a vibrant party place by night, Canoa Quebrada offers much to be desired for the vagrant traveler. Cafes line the cobblestone streets and make for a perfect place…