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Preseason in the Mentawais

Preseason in the Mentawais starts as early as February or March. The accompanying clip contains some highlights from the 2014 Mentawai season as seen through Andy Potts’ GoPro lens. Featuring Dion Agius, Mick O…

chris leidy
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Palm Beach Photographer Chris Leidy

“Growing up with Granny and being so close with her was enough,” photographer Chris Leidy says of his grandmother, Lilly Pulitzer. “I didn’t need to put on the floral prints to feel any closer.” The single 34-year-old…

south florida surf
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Delray Beach Goes Off

Yesterday’s conditions were nothing short of amazing. Beautiful blue barrels reeling down the white sand beaches of South Florida were all too common. 5-7ft and perfect only comes around once per year if your…

dulce surf film
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Dulce – A Fresh Look at Pavones

Watch Dulce by Patrick McMahon Dulce is a short documentary surf film that takes a fresh look at Pavones – both the wave that made it famous and other nearby gems. Spanning six months of…

israel surfing
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Israel Pumps As The QS Hits Town

While the WSL Contest in Netanya was running, all the losers came to the Dromi beach to score perfect waves 😛 here’s the clip from the high performance session, which I really enjoyed filming!…

the suspect east
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The Suspect East

A short film featuring some of the East Coast’s most reputable filthy barrels and grey horizons by Corey Frank starring Pat Schmidt. (It’s actually pretty good, watch it!)…