The Inertia

How You Make Something out of Nothing on the East Coast

The Inertia

Sometimes scoring on the East Coast is more about believing in the dream than anything else. When we saw the swell charts for the state of Rhode Island over the period of Hurricane Karl we knew that there was nothing special brewing, but this was one of those times where believing in that dream was needed. It’s almost better to be a professional navigator, or maybe even a magician, than it is to be a professional surfer. With hard work, a lot of driving and a lot of dedication there is always at least a little something to ride. Hyperflex invited myself & Chank Little up to attend & help out with their event, The Battle of the Beach, so we were heading up no matter what. With a few extra miles thrown on the whip and a couple last minute decisions we ended up missing every good surf opportunity that was on offer, but we still had a great time.

More often then not East Coast surfing is about making something out of nothing.

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