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Jeremy Flores Injured | Middle of Nowhere Indonesia

After making a marked run, just barely loosing to Owen Wright at the Fiji Pro less than a week ago, Jeremy Flores finds himself in a world of hurt. 

“The worst 24 hours of my life …” written on social networks Jeremy Flores after spending reassuring examinations. Arrived Friday in Indonesia for a photo shoot with his sponsor on the occasion of the arrival of a massive swell, Jeremy Flores took charge of a small island near the island of Flores (!), “The middle of nowhere “east of the Indo, along with other surfers in the same team, including Brazilian Wigolly Dantas.

Injured in Nowhere Indonesia

After eight hours by plane and five hours away, it was to stretch their legs before the arrival of the heavy swell. Probably tired from the trip, he fell on a wave and violently hitting the coral with his head. The face slashed, with two large holes on the right cheek, he lost consciousness for more than an hour. After being rescued and received first aid, Flores had to wait nearly 24 hours a helicopter to pick it to transport to a hospital in Bali.

Two hours of intervention

Two hours of surgical action were needed to treat deep wounds. Especially, MRI he spent reassured since he suffers no fracture. “I would have posted a picture of my face but it could have been in shock some! #Scarface! “He writes, without losing his sense of humor. Having seen a picture a few hours after the impact, we can make sure it was right not to publish anything! The right side of the face completely swollen, Flores will now rest.

What about Ballito and J’Bay?

His participation in the QS 10,000 Ballito (SAfrica, June 29-July 5) could be questioned. Hope it quickly recovered to the 6th stage of the WCT in Jeffreys Bay (8-19 July). The French Surfing Federation wants him to bounce back up and continue his great season.

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