The Inertia

King Tides and Wild Weather Headed for California

In the past, King Tides have caused flooding in California, like seen here in Huntington Beach in 2012. Photo: ABC

The Inertia

On Wednesday evening, the moon will reach its peak, becoming full and creating some abnormally high tides for the California coast. King Tides, as they’re called, are capable of heights around seven feet. And adding to the increased activity in the water will be some wild weather as well.

The highest tides can be expected on Wednesday and Thursday. According to the National Weather Service, there is a strong chance of flooding for low-lying areas. For those hitting the beach during the Thanksgiving holiday, there is also the possibility of strong rip currents.

In the California mountains, a series of cold-pressure storms could bring snow and gusty wind throughout the week and into the weekend. While along the coast, southern and Northern California residents will be experiencing cooler temperatures than usual with some showers here and there.

Along with massive surges of water, which threaten houses and businesses along the coast, King Tides also feature unusually large low tides. That means you and your family can plan for a brisk beach walk with wide open space, but only if you plan it right.

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