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New iPhone 6 – No More Bending?

Improved Specs, More Durable Body for New Lineup of iPhone 6 Models

By now everyone has seen a bent iPhone 6. A $650 tech product that easily bends, the iPhone 6 construction was a disaster for Apple. After the poor construction was brought to the public’s attention last year, many consumers became hesitant to buy the newest iPhone. Determined to learn from past mistakes, Apple realized they need to improve the phone’s construction and durability.

Next month Apple is set to announce their next lineup of iPhones. Apple is expected to announce improved specs and new features for the new iPhone 6 and 6S. However, most consumers will be paying closer attention to the new construction of the iPhone 6. The new phone models will be made with a stronger, reinforced aluminum body that will decrease the chances of bending.

Learn More About iPhone 6S Improved Aluminum Casing

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