Tavarua Island Fiji

Eat Your Heart Out at Restaurants | Tavarua, Fiji

Fiji may be an exotic place, but as any surfer will know, there are some familiar elements that make these islands a home away from home. Restaurants is a a long, hollow, playful left that is commonly referred to as a “skatepark in the water”. The waves are often perfectly shaped, allowing you to make some good turns or tuck into a nice long barrel.

Restaurants Wave Details

  • Best Tide Movement: Rising tide
  • Bottom: Reef (coral, sharp rocks etc..)
  • Direction: Left
  • Experience: Experienced surfers
  • Frequency: Very consistent (150 day/year)
  • Wave Description: Very Long (300 to 500 m), Hollow, Fast, Powerful, Fun
  • Good Swell Direction: West, Southwest
  • Good Wind Direction: Southeast, East
  • Swell Size: Starts working at less than 1m / 3ft and holds up to 3m+ / 10ft+
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