The Inertia

Shepard Fairey’s Wedgey Wave Art for Charity

Water is the New Black by Shepard Fairey, proceeds going to the NRDC. Photo:

The Inertia

He came up as an underground street artist with his iconic Andre the Giant posters. And then Shepard Fairey went from antiestablishment obscurity to mainstream fame with his “Hope” posters promoting Barack Obama in his 2008 presidential campaign. But now Shep has turned his talents towards environmental protection in a collaboration with the Natural Resources Defense Council. The poster features Fairey’s typical style with black brushstrokes and sepia background, surrounding a wedgy looking left. It all looks like an elaborate (and far more talented) version of surfer’s doodle in a school notebook. But then there’s the looming offshore oil tanker in the background, mixing natural beauty with manmade reality. And with proceeds headed towards the good folks over at the NRDC, the 18 x 24-inch screen print would be a rad edition to anyone’s home art collection AND solid way to support a positive cause. Pick it up here!

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