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Sneak Peek at Kelly Slater’s Outerknown

On the quest to create a 100% sustainable apparel supply chain, Kelly Slater has been holding back his thoughts and emotions on his latest venture, Outerknown. Creativity, Innovation, and Global Awareness  are at the forefront of this exciting new company.

Outerknown – The name Outerknown references the furthest reaches of our knowledge today. As designers, it challenges us to build better, more sustainable products. As producers, it asks us to lift the lid on our supply chain bringing the consumer along on our journey to transparency.

As storytellers, it enables perpetual evolution of our brand vision. As athletes and performers, it pushes us to formerly impossible levels. And as global citizens, it offers the opportunity to observe this multi-cultural world we live in and bring together seemingly unconnected people and ideas for the purpose of discovering the next Outerknown.

From Kelly Slater’s Instagram post today, July 8, 2015

Have you ever had so much anticipation and excitement about something you’re working towards that you have to put it out of your mind while at the same time focus on getting it done? That’s basically how I’ve felt for the past 28 months. It’s been a long time coming and I’m happy to (finally!) announce that my clothing brand, @outerknown, launches next week! I’ll do a deeper dive into the details as we release but I am so proud of our team and the sustainable collection and supply chain that we’ve set up. Stay tuned and I’ll chew your ear off about it next week as we go to launch! #FindYourOuterknown #ThisIsACleanSlate

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