The Inertia

South African Man is About to Set the Most Exhausting World Record in Surfing

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The Inertia

In 2014, an American man named Ben Shaw surfed for 29 hours and 27 minutes. It’s the longest known surf session, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. By the end of this November, Shaw may be hoping he’d stayed out just a tad longer when South African surfer Josh Enslin attempts to one up him. Enslin is set to attempt the record at Pollock Beach in Port Elizabeth, where he’s hoping to dodge fatigue, hypothermia, sharks, and dehydration for at least 30 hours.

But of course, as cool as it will be for Enslin to set a new world record, he’s not letting the moment go by without using the spotlight to pay it forward. “The other aspect to the event will be a massive donation drive alongside the record attempt,” he says. “We will be gathering and donating old surf equipment and old wetsuits and blankets and canned food that Cyoh Surf Club will donate to underprivileged surfers around our surf community, and we will be donating blankets and canned food to the street children of Port Elizabeth.”

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