The Inertia

Surf Snowdonia Temporarily Closes Down After Mechanical Faults

Surf Snowdonia’s more than 6 million gallon lagoon will be drained to undergo the park’s first major repairs and closure. Photo: Instagram/@surfsnowdonia

The Inertia

A little less than three weeks into its first month of operation, Surf Snowdonia has closed due to an undisclosed mechanical fault, according to a statement from the park. While the exact problem hasn’t been announced Surf Snowdonia says they expect to be closed for “several days,” after  discovering a problem on the morning of August 19th. In order to carry out the necessary repairs engineers are completely draining the main lagoon. That’s a project that requires expelling more than 6 million gallons of filtered rainwater from the large wave pool.

The news comes on the same day an article from an Australian surf publication announced Snowdonia had been hosting its full capacity both in and out of the water. In its first few weeks of business the park has been averaging 1,000 visitors a day with approximately 3,500 surfers taking to the water itself. That success was garnering positive reactions from Surf Snowdonia’s marketing and public relations voice, Louise McWatt. “People seem to really get what we’re about – not trying to replace the ocean but just a fantastic place to come for guaranteed waves and to have a really fun day out whether you’re a total beginner or a pro,” McWatt said.

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