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These Fins Will Make Your Winter

Le fins. Photo: Futures

Summertime is all about throwing the tail.

Waist-high wedges beckon the use of timing and finesse to dance atop lips in ballerina-like fashion. It is warm and it is fun and it feels great to slip and slide across the playful waves of June, July, and August. But winter is a different beast.

Northwest swells pack a different type of power and shape. They demand hard bottom turns and committed off-the-tops. The thought of putting your fins above the coping is deterred with every board-breaking lip. That’s why, for a different type of surfing, you need different types of gear.

But boards are expensive! The average cost of a new shortboard off the rack is around $700. If you don’t have the type of coin to build a deep surfboard quiver, you can still work your way around the seasons with one special trick: the fin quiver! The general consensus is that the smaller and flimsier the fins, the weaker the waves in which you use them. Alternatively a big, stiff fin necessitates a hearty type of wave. The downside of these stiff fins is that they are often built of a heavy fiberglass composition.

Futures Fins recognized this issue and worked hard to ammend it. Through countless hours of R&D, they’ve landed on the Control Light Fiberglass fins, which is constructed with a hybrid of fiberglass and uni-carbon. This construction can be found in a number of your favorite templates, as Futures has reduced the weight and profile of their fins without compromising any of the strength or resilience. This, my tech friends, is a game changer.

Get your boards looking fierce this winter. Photo: Futures.

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