The Inertia

This is a Testament to Strength Through Community & Keeping It Local

Screenshot: Lahout’s

The Inertia

“Right after the war — directly after the war — I put the goddamn skis on and got out there and did it.” – Joe Lahout

America’s oldest ski shop. From after the war. Not the second war, but the first one. THAT right there is saying something.

Yep, Lahout’s has been around since 1920. The man behind the East Coast institution, Joe Lahout, is 94 years old.

“Just shy of the store’s 100th Anniversary,” Hillary Saunders writes for Teton Gravity Research, “Joe Lahout remains at the helm, and in the same apartment he was born in, upstairs of Lahout’s Ski Shop, the oldest ski shop in America. Under his ambitious and determined parents, Mr. Lahout and his sisters assumed the position of the sales force, dedicating their time to running the store with their widowed mother.”

And what a run it’s been! Anyway, watch the full video below and read the entire story on TGR.

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