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VIDEO: River Surfing

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Did you know river surfing is actually a thing? Not all surfers are fortunate enough to live on the coast, so new and innovative ways to ride a wave have been invented. Wyoming die-hard surfers have come up with a solution to satisfy their salt water craving and it’s called river surfing. These surfers full suit up and take the plunge into the chilling 59 degree Jackson River. The pressure from the river’s fast moving current push against little slopes along the bottom, which create the perfect stationary wave. No waves are no longer an excuse! These inland soul surfers have proved that when there is a will, there is a way.

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Taylor Phelps is a California State University of Channel Islands graduate with a degree in Communications. Born and raised near the coast of Southern California, she has developed a passion for the ocean and the mountains. Additionally, she has a special interest in cross cultural communication and plans to develop her knowledge on the topic by traveling the world someday.

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