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World’s First Buoyant Smartphone Is Also World’s Weirdest Crowdfunding Campaign

The Inertia

First off, let me open this by saying I hate putting down the work of people that are doing something with passion. I regularly scour the internet’s endless supply of crowdfunding campaigns because I’m curious about the inventions, gadgets and causes others are excited to share with the world. And being a surfer who writes about surfing for a living, about 99% of those searches are to uncover something new that’s relevant to the act of splashing around on top of a piece of foam that allows me to attempt gliding on little hills of water. Many of them are really off the wall and worthy of a scoff or two, but I tend to stay away from sharing those because we all know my mom should have taught me not to say anything at all if I don’t have something nice to say. This is one of those instances where I’m going to walk (and probably cross) the fine line I’ve tried to set for myself. It has nothing to do with surfing, although there are some pretty obvious applications to surfing (seeing as how it’s waterproof and all).

The Comet has set out to become the world’s first fully waterproof and buoyant smart phone, you know, for all those times you lacked the awareness to not throw your phone into the toilet. Personally, I hate getting ready to jump into the ocean for a surf when suddenly I miss a call from Ke$ha because I had to leave my worthless not waterproof phone in the car.

Nobody sends Ke$ha to voicemail.

And since you’ll now be swimming around with your phone we’ll need to make sure it’s also buoyant. That part makes sense, if only I could get on board with the whole “I have to have my smartphone attached to my hip even with I’m in a body of water” idea.

Now here’s the catch to all of it: Cometcore already launched a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter earlier this year. So this isn’t even the first time we’ve been hit over the head with somebody’s billion dollar idea! When Cometcore’s fundraising went public at the beginning of summer they were forced to cancel the funding campaign for a violation of Kickstarter’s policies. The floating phone with fins was only able to raise $25,000 of their $100,000 goal because they couldn’t provide the advertised wireless earphones…maybe they were waiting for somebody to invent a technology that makes such things possible (And when they do we’ll call it Bluetooth). Fast forward through summer and it’s all resurfaced on Indiegogo, wireless earphones, mood sensors, bubble texting and all.

But seriously folks, this campaign is just so bad it’s good. Now that I’m done scoffing at somebody else’s hard work (assuming this whole thing is for real in the first place) let’s talk about the possibility of phones in the lineup. I don’t like it. I really, really don’t like it. So let’s all agree that if this thing becomes a reality we’ll collectively scoff at anybody who starts bringing their phone out for a surf. That guy gets no waves. Unless of course Ke$ha’s calling. Because then it totally makes sense.

It sucks when you're on your phone and a woman dressed for a night on the town stops washing her car to hose me down. Too bad my phone's bust-...wait, problem solved.

It’s just the worst when you’re on your phone and a woman dressed for a night on the town stops washing her car to hose you down.

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