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Your Camera Will Never (Ever) Run Out of Power in the Water Again

Kickstarter campaigns give us some of the coolest stuff ever. With pretty much every adventure in life happening in front of a camera nowadays, the market for gadgets and gear in this realm is blowing up. And few things are more aggravating than rolling video on the wave of your life only to find out the battery died on you mid takeoff. And technically this problem scenario exists in the water, on the hill, or just about any place you could be out getting radical without access to a power source. So plenty of people have invented portable chargers, but this is the first time we’ve seen a fully waterproof battery charging extension pole and mount. That’s like a dozen functional accessories at once.

The PowerGrip H20 is all of this. Perhaps the most impressive game changer it offers is the ability to live charge a camera to give it 12 hours of roll time. And since the 13 hour session is probably not something you’re going to pull off it’s safe to say you’re now covered – you’ll never run out of battery power in the water again. The device holds a charge equal to a half dozen GoPro batteries, and its two USB ports also allows for charging a phone and camera at once. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention the whole smartphone feature. The PowerGrip has a 1/4 inch tripod mount as well as a mount for smartphones, which they designed for extended recording during time lapses.

It’s pretty incredible to think we all can produce amazing quality videos with something as common as a phone and a tiny little handheld camera nowadays. All the bells and whistles you can pair them up with just make our everyday tools more versatile, and by extension, make us more creative.

So. Many. Gadgets.

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